The Player Who Successfully Hacked Mega888 Server

Robin Hood - Mega888 Bug

Mega888 Hack

Mega888 Hack Malaysia
Mega888 Hack Malaysia

Every slot machine is made by humans, so there must be bugs. It just depends on whether you can find them or not. One of the members of mega888 has won up to RM500,000 in one year due he successfully found the bug of the game. We call it “Mega888 Hack”.

Although he was blacklisted by mega888. But due he posted the bug on social media so many players knew about the method also. It also cost mega888 dearly this year.

While mega888 has been officially saying it’s not happening. But some players had tried recently and succeeded.

How To Hack Mega888?

Keep this in mind if you want to win big from this game:

  1. You’ll have to download the game first. Ensure you download Mega888 from the official download site.
  2. Register and get your ID from customer service via live chat.
  3. Make sure your game account balance has at least RM100 capital.
  4. Then please download the VPN. Also open the VPN before entering the game.
  5. Once you’re in the game, look for a slot machine game called “Robin Hood
  6. This is the only game that has a bug in mega888. It doesn’t fully fixed by the developer yet because there are still players who can win big money using this method.

Robin Hood – Mega888 Bug

Robin Hood - Mega888 Bug
Robin Hood – Mega888 Bug

Ensure you understand this article before you start betting. Now is the most important part. If you have completed the above six points, then you can continue reading:

  • Robin Hood Mega888 only has 15 pay lines. Adjust the betting limit for each pay line to RM0.01. Therefore, total betting will be RM0.15.
  • Then, you can press the AUTO SPIN button. You’ll find that every bet you make will win. However, the amount of the winning will be small. It is around RM1 to RM6.
  • You just let it AUTO SPIN for an hour and get on with something else.
  • An hour later, turn the AUTO SPIN button off. You will win about RM70.
  • Keep in mind that this method only lasts for one hour a day. Don’t be greedy, because if you don’t stop after an hour, you’ll start losing money.
  • Just keep repeating this method every day.

Imagine that you can win RM70 a day. Therefore, if you continue a year you will win RM25,550. And this is just the profit that an account can bring. Imagine again what if you have more than 10 mega888 game id?

Go ahead and give it a try and share your results in the comments section below!!!

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