MEGA888 Malaysia – Why Malaysians Should Download MEGA888?

MEGA888 Malaysia is the talk of the town nowadays amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown taught Malaysians 2 important things in life. One is to stay safe and lead life normally and the other is how to make money by staying at home and playing MEGA888 online casino games. Why MEGA888 online casino and not other casinos you may ask? Well, the answers are very simple and that is what we are going to take a look at why Malaysians should download MEGA888 Malaysia.

Games At MEGA888 Malaysia Are Easy To Play And Relatable

From a young, we always look for things that are easy to do and relatable. That is why all games in MEGA888 Malaysia is easy and relatable in some way. The games in MEGA888 focuses on games that we might have played in our lives like poker, blackjack, roulette, and so on. Making the game thematic with western and Asian folklore makes it even more relatable to many gamers.

Many Tips And Guides

The support team from MEGA888 Malaysia is ever ready to give out tips on how and which game to play to win. Plus they also give out the MEGA888 Test Id account to all gamers to test play ost of the games. Through this Test Id account, gamers can learn the strategies behind the games and achieve more when playing with their own money.

Great Way To Make Money Staying Home

Everyone dreams to stay home and work. MEGA888 Malaysia has paved the way for Malaysians to achieve this. You can just stay at home and play all the games in MEGA888 and win. Moreover, if you want something more stable, you can sign up as a MEGA888 Agent. Being a MEGA888 agent lets you be an online entrepreneur and make money sitting at home.

Of course, there re a lot of work involved but everything is home-based. As an agent, you need to recruit gamers under you, train them, teach them how to download and use MEGA888 Malaysia, and solve all the queries and doubts they have. The compensation for this hard work is you earn commission through the gamers’ losses and winnings. F this does not satisfy you, you can become a full-time online casino staff with MEGA888 Malaysia.

MEGA888 Malaysia Is A Local Brand

I am sure by now many gamers would know now that MEGA888 Malaysia Is a local brand. It was by Michael Tan, a simpleton from Taiping Perak West Malaysia. Since Michael was an IT developer making video games, he knew what would please the online casino gamers.

So, when Michael started MEGA888 Malaysia, he made sure it gave things like awesome thematic games with an out of the world experience, a great customer support team who is available 24 by 7, easy registration, easy deposit, and easy withdrawal. Being a Malaysian brand put MEGA888 Malaysia on the list of favorite casinos in Malaysia.

Helping Covid-19 Patients

Many Malaysians lost their jobs during the pandemic period and many more were infected with the virus. They had to stay in the hospital and after that quarantine at home. This left them with no work and no money. Michael understood the hardships the Covid19 patients were going through.

Therefore, he ensured that MEGA888 gave out more jackpots and MEGA888 Angpao regularly. There are so many incidences of Malaysians becoming rich overnight through MEGA888 Malaysia. This was also Michael’s way of giving back to the economy.

Helping Build The Nation’s Economy

When Covid-19 loomed suddenly on Malaysians, the hardest to fall was Genting Highland. No one could go there to play the games and is now on the verge of closing down. Genting Highland was the only authorized land-based casino in Malaysia. The Malaysian government was receiving great revenue from it.

Through this pandemic, all revenues to the government came to a standstill. Thus, MEGA888 Malaysia stepped in to help the economy bloom again. MEGA888 Malaysia is the only licensed online casino and Michael Is paying his taxes regularly.

You Get To Know The People Behind The Brand

Malaysian have grown to love MEGA888 as it is a local brand. But many do not know the real people behind MEGA888 Malaysia. Of course, everyone knows the founder, Michael Tan but not many know that Michael had set up his company MT Ventures Sdn Bhd with a group of 10 members. These 10 together with Michael churned out awesome games that fascinated all. They knew what gamers loved and thus they delivered.

#Malaysia Boleh #Negaraku

Have you come across these hashtags floating around the internet? This is a way to get Malaysians to help out the Malaysian economy by buying and using local Malaysian products at a time like this. Right from grocery shopping to ordering food from local vendors in Malaysia will help strengthen the Malaysian economy. So, why stop there?

MEGA888 Malaysia is a local brand too. So, joining and playing at MEGA888 Malaysia is going to boost the economy. Malaysia’s big revenue source from Genting sky casino is badly affected as it is near closing down. Thus, through MEGA888 Malaysia, the economy can be stronger again.

MEGA888 Malaysia Vs 918Kiss Malaysia

918Kiss Malaysia has been around for a few years. It did have a big pool of loyal gamers as it gave games that are relatable to people. When MEGA888 came into the online casino, it took everyone by surprise with its games and services. So, naturally many gamers switched from 918Kiss to MEGA888 Malaysia.

The games are awesome to play at MEGA888 and the payouts are the best. Another factor that caused the downfall of 918Kiss is that it has been closed for maintenance for nearly 2 months now. Rumors say that the owner of 918kiss is down with Covid-19 and thus unable to oversee the operations of 918kiss. The staff of 918Kiss is not competent enough to run 918kiss without the guidance of their boss. Thus MEGA888 has overtaken 918kiss. Only time can tell about this.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Download MEGA888 Original – Joker13

Most players know how to distinguish between download MEGA888 original and fake MEGA888. Moreover, they also know the benefits of downloading MEGA888 Original. But there are still many novice players who will don’t know.

The Original MEGA888 download URL will have https in front of it. You can tell if you are connected to a secure URL if the string in your address bar begins with https://.

Besides, if you don’t choose the original version, there will be many factors affecting it. Today, in this article we will look into the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Download MEGA888 original.

Support Local Brand – Download MEGA888 Original

Support Local Product - MEGA888
Support Local Product – MEGA888

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, is this true? NO! Malaysia’s technology has been improving especially in developing mobile slots APK.

Besides, their technology is better comparing other Asian countries. MEGA888 is well known in Asian countries like Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand. As long as you joined an online casino, you definitely familiar with this APK.

Top Customer Service

MEGA888 Professional Customer Service
MEGA888 Professional Customer Service

The basic requirement to become a MEGA888 customer service is master’s graduation. Besides, you must be proficient in three languages, Malay, English, and Chinese.

Also, customer service must understand the entire MEGA888 APK. And pass the Malaysian Online Casino Association (MOCA) exam. Then, only you can officially enter the job.

Download MEGA888 Original By Helping Malaysian During This Epidemic

Download MEGA888 Original And They Will Donate RM100 To Bantuan Prihatin Nasional
Download MEGA888 Original And They Will Donate RM100 To Bantuan Prihatin Nasional

This year 2020, Malaysia’s economy will experience a serious decline due to the impact of the epidemic. Many people have lost their jobs. And their income was halved.

In order to give back to society, MEGA888 implemented a funding plan. As long as 2 users download the MEGA888 original, they will donate RM100. In the end, this money will be used as funds for Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN2.o).

Secure And Protect The Rights Of Players

Official MEGA888 Has Better Security And More Secure
Official MEGA888 Has Better Security And More Secure

If we buy any authentic clothing or electrical appliance today, we will have a three-month warranty. Moreover, you will be more at ease because your rights are protected.

Today, as long as you download the MEGA888 original, they will protect the rights of players for life. So do you know how to choose?

Higher Win Rate

Higher Win Rate If You Download MEGA888 Original
Higher Win Rate If You Download MEGA888 Original

The original APK backend system is more complete. Therefore, its payout is fair and higher. The Return To Player percentage (RTP) of each gambling game is about 87.33%. This rate of return is higher than that set by the Malaysian Online Casino Association.

The pirated MEGA888 will only protect its own interests. Besides, if a player accidentally downloads a pirated version of MEGA888 and then loses money. The Official will not be held responsible.

MEGA888 Test ID

MEGA888 Test ID
MEGA888 Test ID

To avoid players from deposit money when they are not familiar with the game. MEGA888 has prepared the Test ID. Each Test ID has RM1000 for you to try.
Furthermore, you can try any game, don’t worry. Because during midnight at 12 am, the account balance will return to RM1000.

There is a point to remind novices that the balance in the MEGA888 TEST ID cannot be withdrawn. So, even if you get an Angpao or Jackpot in it, it’s not yours.

The pirated MEGA888 does not provide a TEST ID to players. If you want to check whether you have downloaded a pirated version of MEGA888, you can use this for verification. I have listed the TEST ID users and password below.

Test ID: Test1000-Test9999
Password: 1234

Variety Bonus And Promotions After Download MEGA888 Original

Download MEGA888 Original And Enjoy Variety Promotion
Download MEGA888 Original And Enjoy Variety Promotion

No one will refuse free gift. For example, if you see a store promotion in the mall today. You will get earphones when you buy a mobile phone. Another one does not have any gifts. Which would you choose? I believe that everyone will choose the former under such circumstances.

As long as you download the MEGA888 original today, you will be able to get a welcome bonus, free credit, and a reload bonus. As a savvy consumer, would you still choose pirated MEGA888?

Integration With Genting Casino

Genting Casino
Genting Casino

My favourite part about download MEGA888 original is now I can play live casino at home. Because the original MEGA888 integrated with Genting Casino. The pirated MEGA888 Baccarat and Roulette only have virtual modes.

This year, Genting Casino was greatly affected by the epidemic. Because Genting’s main source of income is tourists. In order to cope with the expenses, they decided to cooperate with MEGA888.


There are many reasons to download the MEGA888 original. But the most important are these 8 reasons. Download MEGA888 is free. So don’t lose money just because of carelessness. Enjoy and good luck with your betting!

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Mega888 Test ID – Every Gamer Should Get One To Test Run Mega888

The acceptance of Mega888 is on the rise In many countries currently. Numerous online casinos have come out with different unusual ways to attract more players to engage with them. Furthermore, Mega888 APK has released a new feature for the players to try out the games in their application for free. This feature is the Mega888 Test ID and it allows the players to test play the games without any payments. What it means here is that the players get to use the test ID to play all the games for free. No real money comes in use during the betting sessions. The players get to play all the top games in the application and enjoy the awesome game-play and graphics.

Where Can I Get The Mega888 Test ID?

Mega888 Test ID
Mega888 Test ID

Unfortunately, at the present moment, there is no proven method to hack the Mega888 Test ID. Some players have tried their luck to hack this test id account in order to cash out real money. The company has spent a lot of precious time and effort to upgrade the security system. Hence most of the hacking software has failed to work on this Mega888 Test ID account. You must not download the hacking software from online and use them. The hacking software may corrupt your data in the mobile device and thus cause data loss in your account. Don’t take the risk!!

What Can I Achieve with the Mega888?

Mega888 Game List
Mega888 Game List

Have you heard of the saying “Testing water”? Well, that is what the Mega888 Test ID is going to do for you. You can learn about all the different strategies on how to play various games at

Moreover, you will never be able to guess which strategy works well for which game. Since you get limitless virtual credits with the Mega888 Test ID, try all the various games in the online casino. Furthermore, you can try different strategies on different games and come up with a game plan. Therefore, never stop until you succeed and make sure wins in the games.

If you run out of credits, just contact the Live Chat and they will supply you with more virtual credits. After this boost of confidence and a sure game plan, you can try your hands on the actual Mega888 casino slots.

Can I Hack The Mega888 To Make Money?

Mega888 Ori
Mega888 Ori

Unfortunately, at the present moment, there is no proven method to hack the Mega888 Test ID. Some players have tried their luck to hack this test id account in order to cash out real money. The company has spent a lot of precious time and effort to upgrade the security system. Hence most of the hacking software has failed to work on this test account. You must not download the hacking software online and use them. The hacking software may corrupt your data in the mobile device and thus cause data loss in your account. Don’t take the risk!!

Is the Mega Test ID safe?

Mega888 Online
Mega888 Online

YES! Of course. Creators of this application have invested thousands of dollars in research and development. Thus they will ensure that the test ID is safe and secure. Backed by its team of IT specialist, its mobile game application has been labeled as one of the safest. On the other hand, its high and tight security with solid firewall protection will stop any malicious malware or virus from attacking your mobile devices.

Can I Make Money With The Mega888 Test ID?

Mega888 Original Android APK
Mega888 Original Android APK

NO! you cannot make any money with the test ID. Just as the name implies Mega888 Test ID is a gift to you to have a test drive on the games. Furthermore, this will satisfy your anxiety and curiosity about playing Mega888 Casino games. All your queries about the games will dawn on you. There will be no payouts for your winnings. What you will gain from the Mega888 Test ID is the confidence to play all the games. The tips and tricks of placing the right bets on the right games can be acquired skillfully. Download the Original Mega888 APK here now!

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