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Who Is This XE88 APK Online Casino Malaysia?

If you have heard of 918Kiss online casino, then XE88 Online Casino Malaysia is not far behind. Started in 2019 by 918Kiss, XE88 APK Malaysia has risen to fame and popularity within a year. Why all of a sudden this popularity you may ask? Firstly, is because XE88 APK carries all the games that 918Kiss carries. Secondly, it has enhanced audiovisual features. Thirdly, it was made for the new younger generation. Lastly, it was 918Kiss’s way to keep itself going strong in the online casino gaming arena.

Xe88 APK - Mystery Box And Bingo

What Can You Get From XE88 APK?

XE88 APK offers various slots and table games that many casino gamers love. Moreover, the games are very interactive and enjoyable to play due to their enhanced audiovisual features. Furthermore, the plus point here is that XE88 comes in 3 versions. One is for Android devices, then for iOS devices, and finally for personal computers. In this way, no one is left out of the game. On the other hand, it also has XE88 Mystery Box and XE88 Bingo session for all its gamers daily.

These are like jackpot surprise rounds that come daily. The only thing is that you will not know when it will come in a day. That means you have to play religiously daily.

How To Join And What Benefits Do You Get?

Just like any other online casino, XE88 Malaysia’s rules are the same. Here are some of them:

  1. Sign up and register with XE88 Online Casino Malaysia.
  2. Provide all vital information and bank details to XE88 APK.
  3. Receive welcome bonuses upon registration.
  4. You can request for the TEST ID to test play all the games in the APK.
  5. Furthermore, you can engage in talks with the Live chat team to find out some tips on winning games.
  6. The Live chat team is available 24 by 7 for assistance on any issues you face.
How To Install Xe88 APK
How To Install Xe88 APK

How Do I Prepare To Install The XE88 APK?

To ensure that XE88 APK works well on your mobile devices, you need to follow the following:

Firstly, make sure that your mobile device works fine at optimum speed.

Secondly, make sure your mobile device has enough space to hold and run the XE88 Online Casino Malaysia games.

Thirdly, make sure your mobile devices have all the latest updates installed

If all these points above are met, then it will be a smooth operation.

Mobile Slot Malaysia
Mobile Slot Malaysia

Is XE88 Online Casino Malaysia Safe And Secure?

This question is frequently asked. It is an important question that all gamers have to address. It starts way back when you source for Online Casino Malaysia. Ensure that it is from a safe site with the URL starting with “HTTPS:”. Once this is overwatch for some signs to see if the XE88 APK is legitimate or not.

Some Signs To Watch For Are:
  1. Firstly, they must not be pushy in getting you to register. 
  2. Secondly, they must have a good support team. 
  3. Thirdly, they must offer you bonuses to induce you to play the games. 
  4. Fourthly, the support team must give some pointers and tips on making some winnings. 
  5. Fifthly, they must protect all vital information given by you.

If all these are satisfactory to you, then you can embark on a safe journey with the XE88.

Xe88 iOS Original
Xe88 iOS Original

Xe88 iOS Original

By now most gamers would have come across XE88 online casino in the casino gaming circle. Just over 1 year in the gaming arena, it has drawn many gamers to its site. Why this sudden attraction to something new you may ask? Well, the answer is simple, Firstly, it was a release from the big giant 918Kiss online casino. Everyone knows 918Kiss due to its popularity in making great winnings. Secondly, XE88 carries all the wonderful games that 918Kiss has. Thus, it makes 918Kiss gamers more comfortable in playing XE88 games due to familiarity. Thirdly, it came into action to lure all the millennial and Gen Z players with its enhanced audiovisual features and fast downloading speed on mobile devices. Fourthly, it offers iOS Original, APK Original, and Personal Computer installers for mobile and computers. This makes XE88 hot and most sought after currently.

What Is Xe88 iOS Original?

As stated above, XE88 iOS Original is an installer created for gamers who use a mobile device. As the name implies, XE88 iOS Original is specifically for Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Currently, Apple devices are mostly favored by many for its robustness and resilience. Thus, XE88 iOS Original is also sturdy and easy for installation on Apple devices.

Official Xe88 Malaysia
How To Become A Member?

There are a few things that you need to do before becoming a member of XE88. They are:

  1. Do some research before choosing an authorized XE88 online casino. The casino has to come from a trusted site to play safely.


  2. Ask friends and relatives their opinions about XE88. Listen carefully and decide what is best.
  3. Read about XE88 APK on casino forums.


  4. Get in touch with the Live chat team from the authorized XE88 online casino. Talk to them and once again decide what is best for you.

What Type Of Games Does The XE88 iOS Original Come With?

The XE88 iOS Original installer comes with all the slot games and table games that most online casinos offer. Moreover, this will give the gamer unlimited joy in playing a variety of games. See which game gives you the best winnings. Therefore, test each game carefully and strategize. If you fear playing with your own money to test. Then get the Test ID from the Live chat team. Use the Test Id to test all the games to your heart’s content, The only thing is that you cannot withdraw the winnings made through the Test ID.

Winning Record In Xe88
Winning Record In Xe88
Are Making Withdrawals Difficult?

There is nothing here for you to fear except play the games and make money. Once you have made sufficient winnings and want to withdraw, just approach the Live chat team. They are available 24 by 7 to assist you. Let them know the amount you wish to withdraw and they will transfer it to your local bank account after verification. Sounds simple right?